Vintage Cars

We who were born in the 80s saw some drastic changes in any Field which also includes Cars , I way I saw those Volkswagen Beetle , Smith Coupe , Shubert Series AB or the Smith V8 in those Mafia Movies back those days were just too awesome , so a Visit to the Vintage Car Rally in my City was a Difficult thing to miss when I got invited last year by our Photography Club.

And Believe me when I tell you , it was a really great experience watching all those retro beauties with a vrooming engine and that perfectly maintained luster in front of me.

It was a cold winter day last year same time , It was hard to get up early in the morning but nothing a hot cup of coffee couldn’t help me with 😉 So got up around 3:30 Started packing my stuff and left home to catch those rare bus in the morning , reached around 6:30 that day and asked my way upto the Venue.

Vintage Cars

And what I saw on my way to the Entrance was few of those beauties Vrooming past me.

Vintage Cars

Anyways After entering the gates , saw numerous of Retro Beauties there.


Below is a Car from Morris Garrage.

Vintage Cars

And Some were funny 😉 Below is a 1960 Messerschmitt KR-200 .

Vintage Cars

And below the masculine Buick Eight Coupe

Vintage Cars

Below is the Still Living Engine from Royal Enfield’s Pather Sloper 120 ( Year : 1923 )

Vintage Cars

And Below is a 1935’s Rytecraft Scoota-Car (I found this funny as hell â€Ļ.. but whatever)

Vintage Cars


Ah We needed a Break , so me and Ashish grabbed a Cup of coffee while Bibhas took this pic of ours 🙂


Vintage Cars

Ah and after the break we saw some “other” stuffs 😉

Other being Retro Dress and all 😛 Like these cute “chotto” couple 🙂 Zhe Bride and Le Groom 🙂

Vintage Cars

Also we found People dressed up as the Classic “Zamindar” (Bengali: āĻœāĻŽāĻŋāĻĻāĻžāĻ° )

IMG_1126 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]

And some like the Traditionally Dressed Bengali Women

IMG_1238 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]

And who can forget the “Polka Dot” Style Dressed Girls

IMG_1268 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]

And In the hands of the lady we can Spot a Bolex P4 Automatic .

Bolex p4

Oh and all around a Pink Volkswagen Beetle 🙂

IMG_1266 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]

Also was seen in a Beautiful Emerald Green Color 🙂

IMG_1309 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]

Ah there were more than just these , help yourself 🙂 Click on the thumbnails below to go check the rest of the Photos.

IMG_1311 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0981 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0982 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0985 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0986 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0994 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]
IMG_0996 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_0997 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1009 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1010 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1012 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1015 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]
IMG_1019 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1021 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1028 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1031 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1033 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1043 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]
IMG_1052 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1073 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1109 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1111 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1112 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]IMG_1124 [1280x960-HD-CR2-JPG]
Click here to see the Full Set.

And here is a Slideshow of the Same .

Almost a year went by since it happened and yet again tomorrow is the day its gonna Happen again 🙂 Hope it will be more pleasing to see those beauties yet again 🙂

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