how to get great wedding pictures

1. Not Selecting the Photographer whose work you love : Yes hiring someone whose work you appreciate and have followed is a great step towards getting great pictures instead of ending up hiring someone whose work may not be up to the mark but you hired him/her because he was cheaper or just sounded too good to be true. Each photographer has his/her own signature style, question them about their approach towards the same as it will result in different kind of photos. Have a look into the full portfolio of the photographer if you have time, this will help you understand the style of the photographer even more. Hiring someone whose work you don’t like much can lead to issues later.

 how to get great wedding pictures 2. Not having a proper Itinery / Program Schedule Prepared: Not creating or providing such details of your event can be disastrous, if you are already investing so much into photography then why not provide the Photographer with proper schedules? If you have picture request which are absolutely must then plan the timings likewise, for a Candid Photographer the schedule may be more flexible but if you have specific set of must have pictures then your program schedules must be detailed.

how to get great wedding pictures 3. Not assigning someone the responsibility of looking over the small details of your wedding : Don’t stress yourself with every teensy bit of detail for your wedding , worrying over the small details and overall planning and execution can stress you out and that’s the last thing anyone will want , assign the duties of looking over such small details to some wedding planner or some close relative and sit back and enjoy yourself , overall have a fun time and truly memorable experience , just avoid fussing over little things. Enjoy the day and let the photos show the same.

how to get great wedding pictures 4. Prioritizing other things over Photography: May sound selfish if we say this but seriously if you have limited budget for wedding photography then first and foremost you should invest it in the Photographer, limited by budget if you select someone then you may end up with not that much of “wow” photos and bad luck, invest in photographer properly, without bargain, without negotiation, respect their art, respect their fees and they will make sure to make your wedding day memorable. Don’t go by the looks of how big and fancy the album is which the other cheap photographer is providing , if you have bad picture in your wedding then no matter how fancy the album is , the overall look and feel of the album will be dull. So prioritize the photographer and their art over other bling’s.

how to get great wedding pictures 5. Expecting Pro Results from an Amateur Photographer: It’s kind of repeating the last point but we have faced people who confess that they tried to save few bucks by hiring an amateur or asking their friends to cover their wedding but ended up with poor images. Looking back at those days they still think “only if we could have skipped looking for a cheap photographer” we won’t be crying now (not the tears of joy). Ask yourself the question “Am I willing to look at my wedding photos for the rest of my life and feel let down?”

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