Candid Photography in Surat , India

Ever since we started in this vast wedding industry we considered professional photography to be something other than just about equipment, you need to be able to capture that specific moment in time, merged with the passion, fine art and talent we are able to carve each wedding memories for our clients. Since then we are one of the top providers of Candid Photography in Surat.

Kuntal Gupta has developed a keen eye through these years of Candid Photography experience. He captures the subtle glances, tender moments and the elegance that makes each wedding day memorable.

Being surrounded by Love and Joy is the best part of our job. From the start of the day to till the night and every moment in between them we tell the story filled with emotions, joy and happiness.

We have distinct style that combines artistic portraiture with the ability to photo journalistically capture the intimate moments. We think each and every photographer has his own style and signature, to make sure we are able to suite your needs, I request you to go through our galleries to see what we are all about.