About Us

We are one of the best wedding photography team in Kolkata, India specializing in wedding photography, corporate events, cinematic wedding movies and family portraits, we travel across India in search for the perfect moment and to capture it, we are there for you at every step in your journey to guarantee that you can cherish your moments forever.

To us photography is about capturing the essence of the joyous moments in your life, a picture is stronger than 1000 words right? we believe in that, we believe that capturing one’s journey/moment should be such that when you look at the picture you should be able to go back in time.

We don’t see our work as “just-an-assignment”, it’s a part of our journey as well, the moment when we meet new people, interact with them and share their joys it’s a wholesome experience for us too, we like to have fun on assignment and enjoy the whole experience.

Meet us and you will know that there is no chance that you will ever be uncomfortable with us, like ever! We do our best so that you don’t have to ‘pose’ hard or even grin uncomfortably.

We are fortunate to have a team of talented people who have vast experience in field of photography and cinematic productions and we promise you nothing less than “awesome”. Want proof? Check out our Curated/Assorted Galleries and if you like you can view detailed project photos which has ‘moments’ to portray one’s journey, not just a bunch of glamorous posed shot.

Want to know more? Contact us, we will be glad to assist you 🙂

Our work
Services Provided
  • Candid Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Couple / Family Portraiture
  • Cinematic Video Services
  • Traditional Photo/Video Services